May 22 Letter Re: Reopening

Dear Windborn Church,

Ever feel like you’re in a situation that changes every five minutes and there is no way to get in front of the issues, no way to plan ahead...welcome to 2020 and Covid 19. I am heartened to hear the president of the United States express that houses of worship are essential! And I know we are longing to safely return to worshiping together as the Church gathered. There are many factors for us to pray through as we follow Jesus and honor Scripture. Let us keep a humble attitude of submitting to those in authority.

  • Various governing agencies and officials have to get on the same page before we can move forward. On the national front we have the encouraging words of our president as well as CDC suggested guidelines. Within our own state, the governor and the counties must work together for an implementable plan. Locally we have leaders and public servants with whom we will work with on carrying out said procedures.

  • When we know what the plan is, and have a pathway to re-open, we have to be able to implement the procedures. This will take time! Just last night (Thursday) I was looking at our county's plan for some businesses in ‘phase 2’, a 30 page document with several check lists. Some of the items that we will need to purchase are not even available to order yet. This will take time! 

Aren’t we glad that we know God hears our prayers no matter where we are. So this Sunday, May 24, 2020 while being scattered in our homes, we will gather online to worship and pray. Let us look forward to our time together on live stream this Sunday; not grumbling and complaining about what we cannot do but be filled with gratitude for how we can stay connected! Also, let us be glad for the hope of being able to meet in-person, possibly soon. 

One last thing, we will continue to offer live stream opportunities for those of you who will need to continue to shelter-at-home even after the church building opens. We support your need to protect yourself and your loved ones, while we don’t know all the details yet, we haven’t forgotten you and we won’t neglect you. We value each member of our congregation and civic community, and want everyone to feel safe and comfortable participating in church activities, let’s take the time to re-open well.  

God Bless,